Native Advertising

Native Advertising

“Consumers looked at native ads 50% more frequently than banner ads” – Sharethrough

Native advertising, simply put, is the paid placement of content. This can be a PR piece, a classic ‘advertorial’, or more recently a native ad recommendation. Native advertising recommendations are available programmatically through a number of providers globally, each with their own targeting idiosyncrasies and publisher reach.

Native Advertising Exchange

Benchmarketing has developed the first ever Native Advertising Exchange, placing the world’s major native ad providers (including Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo and others) in competition with each other for your budget in real time. We optimise your budget toward the best performing source of native ad inventory for your campaign, boosting the number of engaged visitors to your content. Tracking those visitors gives you the opportunity to better retarget them with messages based on level of engagement and on-site behaviour.

Hosted Content

Benchmarketing also has its own native content environment that allows brands to host and collect visitor data on articles relevant to their audience. These articles are primarily syndicated on the NAX.

For example; an alternative energy company is able host an article on clean energy options and then collect data on the engaged viewers (who viewed the page for 90 seconds or more). These engaged users can then be segmented and added to a retargeting pool that will drastically increase the quality of your cookie pool.


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