Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile Video Advertising

Video is a highly engaging form of content, and research shows that shoppers on mobile and tablet are 300% as likely to view a video as laptop/desktop users (Invodo). This is a statistic that has increased year on year as mobile video advertising becomes a more established channel.

The impact of advertising with video on mobile is three times higher than on desktop. People are more likely on mobile devices during their personal time, and are much more responsive to content that they view. Compared to when they are searching for something at work, they are generally more focused on completing a task.

On top of this, mobile video is a much richer experience than desktop where there are distractions all over the page. On mobile, videos use up the entire screen space and therefore keeps the user engaged for longer.

People are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video
Also visitors who view videos spend an average of 2 minutes longer on websites than those that don’t

Benchmarketing Mobile Video Advertising


Leverage the power of Benchmarketing’s Mobile Video Advertising Platform to reach more engaged viewers at a time when they are able to respond to your content.


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