Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic RemarketingDynamic Ads For Retargeting

Benchmarketing uses multipath retargeting to serve highly personalised dynamic remarketing ads to prospects. Bench track the path that a potential customer takes through your website and uses this behaviour to create ad content that reflects each users journey.

Bench’s Dynamic Remarketing Platform can serve hundreds or even thousands of different messages that are personalised and tailored in real time towards each individual user. It can achieve this by splitting site traffic into separate audiences based on multiple different dimensions such as; product, category, price, content, timeframe etc.

Bids are then adjusted based on how the audience is converting, as well as a range of dimensions such as product’s viewed and previous buying history. This means that you are able to display the right message, to the right person, at the right time and for the lowest possible bid price.

To enhance Dynamic Remarketing results, Bench also have the ability to prospect using Dynamic Creative. This will add highly targeted and engaged prospects to the remarketing pool, resulting in a higher conversion rates and a lower CPA.

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