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Come and race Google and Facebook at our Adtech stand!

Posted 17 Mar 2014 race

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The biggest advertising industry event in Sydney is tomorrow – Adtech Australia – and  you will find the Benchmarketing team right next to the retro slot cars race track. Yep you heard right! Come and choose your contender, be it Google, Facebook Exchange or even Appnexus, and race them on our retro race track for a chance to win a nifty little portable phone charger – perfect for those long conferences when your phone battery runs out and all you want to do is catch an episode of Game of Thrones in the cab on the way home.

We’ve also put together a handy magazine – our RTB Playbook – that tells you everything you need to know about programmatic media buying and running online campaigns intelligently.

Our three founders, Gil Snir, Shai Luft and Ori Gold will be conducting short seminars explaining the Display landscape, Audience Segmentation and how to craft creative that is built for performance.

So come say hi, win a prize, have a chat, and you might learn a few things along the way.

Adtech Australia will be at the Hilton Hotel, Sydney on Tuesday 18th March and Wednesday 19th March.

See you there!



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