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Boosterpages – Dynamic Landing Pages

The most influential part of a successful online campaign is the conversion rate of the landing page. The key to great landing pages and high conversion rates is targeted messaging. The more personal the experience for the user, the more likely they are to convert.

Boosterpages, Benchmarketing’s Dynamic landing page platform, allows you to serve dynamic messages to users based on previous interaction with you.

For example, if we know a specific customer (Male, Age: 21-30, Warm, <10days) has shown interest in a specific product (clicking “more info” on a comprehensive car insurance policy) then Booster Pages can display a highly tailored message targeted to young males with a specific call to action. This bespoke landing page creative built in real time can add value for the customer and greatly improves the likelihood of a completed lead form.

Boosterpages - Dynamic Landing Pages


Boosterpages robust backend enables superior tracking and analytics to give marketers great optimisation and performance insights. Landing pages can be continually optimised to promote consistently increasing conversion rates.


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